Digital Value Mining

Decades of Strategy Consulting experience, augmented by applied Data Sciences to provide proprietary insights and tangible results for new business opportunities

New Profits

Business Design

Digitalization blurs industry boundaries and evokes unforeseen competitors. Winning in such a dynamic context needs a deep understanding of technologies at work, their consequences, and potential outcomes.

SCIENCEWORCS designs business capabilities based on digital technologies in order to help creating or boosting a competitive advantage.

Digital Product

Threats and opportunities are the same. The outcome of dealing with such external forces is decided by creativity and rigor. Successful business builders need to investigate visions and fortify their assumptions with operational realism.

SCIENCEWORCS supports drawing up new products and services with the proof-of-concept considering all critical commercial as well as technical challenges in order to propel an innovation to prosperity.

Bottom Line Improvement

Operational value gains often stay hidden behind the organizational curtain. For senior management to cut through this curtain requires an agile interaction between raw transactional data and informed management questions.

SCIENCEWORCS provides exploratory views on raw data recorded from all kinds of operational transactions including customer behavior, sales activities, and supply chain events to discover new profits from hidden treasures.

Data Analytics

Growing complexity deafens gurus of strategy, while digitalization supplies myriads of fact-based data. In future, forming and proving hypotheses for decision makers means weighting bigger data science outcomes with experience-based judgement.

SCIENCEWORCS combines established strategy methodology with rapid access to large sets of raw data, quick analytics, numeric simulation, and machine learning to provide certainty and clarity for management decisions.

Beyond Concepts

A valid concept contains all features making up a product’s core value. However, to achieve ambitious goals beyond pure paper work, product owners need to become inventive prototype developers.

SCIENCEWORCS delivers tangibles in the form of software prototypes, deployed digital capabilities, and protected intellectual property all the way to pending patents in order to equip management with workable solutions, ready for real life testing.