Case Study – Data Driven Judgement

High-Velocity Learning


Continuous Product-Market Fit Optimization: Increase of player base and game stickiness of online social game


Need to quickly reach critial mass in highly competitive environment as prerequisite to further funding from investors

Client benefit

Funding secured based on fast rising of game to top ten new games on Facebook, reaching 1.5 million Monthly Active Users at a Game Stickiness of over 20 percent


  • Set-up of behavior tracking database for key player actions, including social activities
  • Segmentation of player base along key features such as play frequency and duration, actual level and speed of up-leveling, etc.
  • Mapping of actual game configuration (e.g. available game assets per level, rewards, level-up thresholds) to segment player behavior
  • Identification of “stranded players” and other critical churn patterns
  • Continuous utilization of proprietary insights to tune overall game eco-system and design game features and player communication patterns