Case Study – Innovation Crafting

Holistic Platform Planning


Business Building Strategy: Proof-of-concept of innovative health-card platform and service business for a potential joint venture


Use of partially immature optical storage technology for storing very large volumes of lifetime patient data on wallet-sized plastic cards

Client benefit

Avoidance of costly stranded asset through application of fail-fast principle in a truly holistic business model setting


  • Managing a highly agile, multi-client, and multi-disciplinary developer team, using partially disparate technologies for individual steps in operations
  • Maintaining an up-to-date repository of the overall technical architecture and its components
  • Predicting data storage demand from simulating typical patient history and treatment procedures based on analysis of empirical healthcare transactional data records
  • Systematically and rigorously judging implications of even minor technology decisions on product appeal, consequent adoption rates, and total cost of operations as key success factors